Randy is involved in every project from start to finish and is available to respond to any question or concern.  Concrete terminology, deciding which application to use, determining the time frame, etc., can  seem overwhelming.  Designer’s Choice wants every customer to enjoy a worry free project.  If you have a question that is important to you, it is also important to us.

Why concrete over pavers?

Pavers have a tendency to shift after a period of time which results in an uneven surface; and grass and weeds typically grow between the pavers. Decorative concrete is a solid, durable and long lasting surface which will stay free of grass and weeds, remain level for the placement of furniture, is an easier surface to clean and allows for many more choices in patterns and colors.

What is radiant floor heat?

Tubing is positioned in the concrete floor allowing hot water to run through the tube as the heat source. This type of tubing can be added to driveways, sidewalks, garage floors and more, which will expedite the removal of snow and ice, making for a safer surface. Radiant floor heat can also be used in bathrooms, shower floors or any interior floor where the added heat would be an advantage.

When would an overlay be a good choice?

An overlay would be a good choice if your existing concrete/floor surface is in a condition that is suitable to receive that application (not uneven, no major cracks, etc.). A cementous overlay can be as thin as ¼ inch, therefore, making this an easier, less timely and costly project. Overlays can be applied to existing exterior concrete surfaces that are in need of a facelift (steps, patios, etc.). Overlays can also dress up a garage/ basement floor, or any interior floor surface that is conducive to this application (entrance, laundry, kitchen and more).

What is the best time to install concrete?

Most concrete can be installed throughout the year, depending of course on the weather.

Why choose Stenciled over Stamped Concrete?

Stenciled concrete is usually a more appealing finish, is a more realistic look of the stone you are duplicating and is a less aggressive surface.   Example:  When this application is used for a patio base, the final surface is more level and stable for ease of furniture placement.

Why Decorative Concrete over plain concrete?

Decorative Concrete gives you hundreds of color and pattern choices over conventional concrete. Decorative Concrete adds value and curb appeal to your home or business.

How long does a typical patio take to place?

Usually three days from start to finish.

What is the follow-up care of Decorative Concrete?

Upon completion of a project the concrete is cured and sealed to enhance and protect it from stains and for ease of cleaning. Certain cleaning products and winter care products are recommended to protect the surface. It is also suggested that the concrete be resealed at least once a year, especially in high traffic areas.

Does concrete crack?

All concrete eventually cracks, however, we saw cut and use expansion joints to the American Concrete Institute standards to minimize the cracking process.

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