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I have provided services in residential and commercial building and concrete for almost 40 years. The concrete industry and products used have changed drastically over those decades. About 10 years ago I turned my attention to Decorative Concrete. It was emerging into the industry and I was taking notice. Decorative Concrete has expanded the use of concrete in the residential, retail and commercial environments.

With my artistic eye, decorative concrete allows me to think outside the box and use creativity where other concrete contractors become very repetitious with the same pour and place techniques. I love working with concrete and decorative concrete and I think this is reflected in the outcome of my work. I listen to my customers and what they envision. Once a decision is made to go forward, we work with colors, pattern choices, surface applications, etc., to address all of their concerns and questions. It is important for the customer to be aware of all the product choices available so that they are 100% satisfied at the end of the project. We don’t want a customer to see a product and say “I wish I would have known that was available.”

This year we are introducing a digital imaging service for our customers. This software allows us to take a photo of your potential project area , download it into the program where customers can experiment with thousands of color and pattern ideas on screen. The customer can actually view a sample of the final project – what a gray flagstone patio would look like, for example, in their own landscape.

Decorative Concrete is a good choice throughout your home or business and can add curb appeal and value. Concrete is durable, easy to clean, versatile and can be more cost effective than alternative products. Driveways and patios are a great choice for decorative concrete, but the possibilities inside your home are surprising as well. Decorative Concrete wall and floor treatments, fireplace surrounds, shower surrounds and concrete countertops are just a few of the interior choices. With all of the latest product, concrete can be made to resemble any stone, coordinated to color schemes, finished in a textured surface or polished to a high gloss, embedded with fiber optics, glass or stone, etc. The list literally goes on and on…..

Of course we always have and always will continue to do plain concrete installations in addition to the decorative concrete. Sometimes the job requires plain concrete and sometimes a customer just prefers the look of plain concrete. We offer all concrete services for the commercial, retail and residential customer.

Concrete can be a greener choice over other materials. Polished or concrete floors are being used in many warehouse type stores, retail stores and restaurants because of its sustainability, low maintenance, lighting improvement and because it is a great look too.

Please give D.C.C. a call when you are ready to undertake your next concrete project. We are anxious to reveal options you have never considered or explored.

Thank you for visiting our website … Concrete, it is what we do!!

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